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Parties are crazier with “fresh shot”

The must have drink for best parties
Basically the brand will play the role of putting the level of your parties upper, stronger. To become the “must-have” drink for your party to be successful and unforgettable.

International brand with local pricing
The advantage of “fresh shot” is its price. It is similar pricing than any other local brands. By offering to the consumers the opportunity to drink foreigner products with an affordable price, this will be a very powerful positioning.

Being trendy and cool vs other traditional vodka drinkers
When drinking fresh shot, those consumers will mark themselves different compared to the other traditional vodka brands’ drinkers. Many brands have been operating for a long time now without changing their product. They are kind of “Has-been” beverages. It will convey the message that drinking “fresh shot” is cool and trendy while drinking the other brands is “has-been”.