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Tequila | Since 1886

Many great social and technological advances took place during revolutionary Mexico. Don Delfino Gonzalez found this environment as the perfect opportunity to develop his passion for making tequila. It was this passion, that led Don Delfino to bring great progress to the tequila industry without losing the authenticity and value of a real tequila.

We have overcome great challenges along the way, but we’ve maintained a leading position in the tequila industry for more than 130 years. Just like the world around us, we continue to evolve while preserving the authenticity of our original home tequila since 1886.

Casa San Matías is like one big family. Every person is a unique individual with years of accumulated experiences and valuable background. So when you sit down to taste one of our products, you don’t taste factory made but rather a family made tequila with an extraordinary history.