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- Ladies and Gentlemen -

It started with a love of craft beer.

In 2008, three craft beer enthusiasts decided to make a change that would alter the Canadian craft beer landscape forever.

They quit their day jobs and opened a restaurant of all things, as the business thrived, they noticed a trend that more and more consumers were actually looking for a better beer product. Consumers wanted a premium beer made with premium ingredients and better brewing methods. With this in mind, the three partners turned their attention back to the enduring dream of opening their own brewery.

An Unparalleled Beer Experience

The three partners established Parallel 49 Brewing company with head brewer Graham With and sales manager Michael Tod. The newly assembled team set out to create the unique brand of Vancouver craft beer that they had been thirsting after for years.

Since their inception in 2012, Parallel 49 has been one of the fastest growing brewers in Canada. The East Vancouver institution, which many consider to be ground zero for Vancouver’s craft beer explosion, has consistently been ranked as one of Canada’s top 10 biggest craft breweries.

Due to the success, Parallel has expanded their brewing capacity to over 120,000HL/year and also their international market footprint. Their beers can now be found in more than 20 markets across the globe.

The Art of Branding
The mastermind behind Parallel 49’s inimitable branding and the creator of this ever growing family of characters that adorn their cans and bottles is street artist, Steve Kitchen @combi13. Steve’s branding and his range of can and label designs are without a shadow of a doubt a huge part of Parallel 49’s success as a brand. Steve’s artwork puts the brewery in a class of its own, and makes the Parallel 49 brand incredibly recognisable on shelf. As you pass the brand, you instantly connect with the artwork and brand blocking, and are keen to try the product.

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