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Maredsous is the authentic beer brewed by Benedictine monks at the Maredous Abbey in Belgium. The Maredsous Abbey stands for the values of patience, devotion and hospitality. Those values still live on in the beers we brew. Past and present merge in our abbey, indeed the Maredsous beers represent the rich Benedictine tradition.

In the abbey, there are various symbols surrounding you, most of them mean “happiness” or the “Benedictine tradition”. The abbey’s coat of arms feature trefoil and the Benedictine cross also appear on our Maredsous bottles. The beers are tied to the abbey, its past and the values it represents even today.

Maredsous still follow Father Atout’s recipe and insist on using only the finest ingredients. Maredsous’s abbey ales stand out because of their refined flowery-fruity aroma and delicate sparkle. These ales undergo natural refermentation in the bottle, meaning the beer matures further in the bottle until you consume them.