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Beer has a soul. Good beer tastes ever so lightly mauve.

In 1679, Jacobus Liefmans, the Liefman founder, started his business as a brewer in Oudenaarde. Even few centuries later, the original brewing apparatus has been retained and forms part of a living museum.

It was around 1900 that Liefmans started filling maturation tanks with black cherries, on a small scale. Local farmers brought their excess crops of black cherries to Liefmans and swapped them for beer. Then since one highly gifted and experienced brewer, Rosa Merckx appeared, her encouragement made Liefmans beers derive their distinctive flavors from the unique process of MIXED FERMENTATION in open vessels and blending of young and old beers, and bottle-aging in the cellars of the brewery.

“Beer has a soul. Good beer tastes ever so lightly mauve. Bad beer tastes blue. A French professor told me that a long time ago.” By Rosa

Liefmans was the first brewery to wrap every bottle by hand in tissue paper. In honor of Rosa Merckx, her signature now appears on every Liefmans label.

Amazingly, Liefmans offers an interesting range of beers, from the extremely accessible fruit beers to the more complex traditional. Besides, the most accessible Liefmans beers have their own unique serving ritual On The Rocks. Liefmans Fruitesse, for an instant, should be served in the typical Liefmans glass filled with 6 ice cubes.