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Mediterranean Beer since 1876

Over 140 years ago, the young brewer August Kuentzmann Damm emigrated from Alsace with his wife Melanie, fleeing the Franco-Prussian War. Their journey took them to the Mediterranean coast, where they settled to fulfil their dream: to brew beer.

In 1876, they opened their own brewery and created a beer that was adapted to suit the Mediterranean climate. Lighter than Central European beers that were designed for colder climates, we know it as a

Mediterranean lager.

Estrella Damm is still made following the original 1876 recipe; a blend of malt, rice and hops.

100% natural ingredients. The quality of these ingredients is our first priority, and that is why we work directly with local Mediterranean farmers.

Once selected, the barley arrives at the malt house, where first it germinates and is then dried and toasted. Unlike many brewers, we have our own malt house, which allows us to monitor the entire process first hand.

Our yeast is another ingredient that makes us unique, and we have been using the same strain for many generations. If it were lost or damaged then the taste of Estrella beer would change, and that is why we have three reserves of this yeast stored under the highest security: in Barcelona, Valencia and London.