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Company Overview
We bring you alternatives

Started in July 2006, Brandwerk has evolved to supply the Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and China markets Exclusively with very unique and special brands conforming to our mission.

  • Duvel Moortgat group beer brands from Belgium & USA.
  • Stiegl beer from Salzburg in Austria.
  • Budweiser Budvar or Budejovicky Budvar beer from city of České Budějovice in Czech Republic.
  • Super Bock beer from Porto in Portugal.
  • Joseph Cartron liquors from Nuits-Saint-Georges in Bourgogneregion, France.
  • Chase Gin, Vodka & Elderflower liquor from Herefordshire, UK.
  • Kozak Vodka and Marengo Sparkling Wine from Bayadera Group, Ukraine.
  • Fruko Schulz liquors from Czech Republic.
  • Cruz del Camino tequila & W.Premiers whiskey from Beveland Distillers.
  • Pedras natural sparkling water from Pedras Salgadas, Portugal.
  • Gasteiner Mineral water from Bad Gastein in Austria.
  • Blue Gin from Hans Reisetbauer in the north of the province of Upper Austria.

"Exclusive" means we are trusted to do the very best with our breweries and distiller's provisions, it also means that dealing directly with the source, we have the best value, and we love to pass this on to our Customers.

We're really just a group of guys who simply enjoy supplying what we enjoy drinking.

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